Sherramelts was created by Sherry to carve memories using cakes. She believes that cakes speak to us no words can form. She was in her stage of self-discovery, and coping with the struggles life has thrown at her where she first found the beautiful marriage of art and cake. 


As a self-taught cake designer, the constant eager to learn and experiment, to create such uniquely designed cakes has been the sugar that keeps her promise to her clients for the best Halal designed cakes going.


Sherry's mission is to create customised cake art by using stories told from her clients, with no two cakes being the same. Freedom expression of art using abstract art technique is the hallmark of Sherramelts - letting her hands and mind run free when designing a cake. 

Sherramelts take great pride in their flavours. Sherry often works on exploring flavours beyond the usual, from the cake version of a traditional kueh, Pandan Gula Melaka to one of everyone's top favourite - the Roasted Maple Berry.

It brings you back memories of having breakfast pancakes,  smothered in maple syrup with a side of fresh berries and chocolate sauce. Such guilty pleasure indeed. 

All cakes and frostings are handmade from scratch, with our best quality ingredients like French Butter and Belgium Chocolate.


sherry + caramel


  to be melted away, internally, by your favourite things


We create good quality, uniquely designed handmade cake art for weddings and celebrations. Your stories are our biggest inspiration in the kitchen. We focus on taste and ingredients, providing you with nothing but the tastiest version of sweets made our way. It's important to eat the best Halal cake in Singapore.

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